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MaryAnne Snavely

Owner and Creator, Pelvic Health System

Hi, I’m MaryAnne Snavely, and I have over 25 years experience in the health and wellness industry. I've worked as Director of Rehabilitation at the Female Pelvic Medicine Institute of Virginia, which is run and owned by world-renowned urogynecologist, Dr. Nathan Guerette.

I have helped thousands of women solve their incontinence issues, without medication or invasive treatment. I have served as an expert on panels, been recognized on national media, and lectured at numerous conferences and conventions sharing my expertise regarding pelvic floor dysfunction.

I have witnessed clients cry with joy because they had been to so many doctors and tried everything they could and nothing had worked, until they experienced my system. I have had clients and their spouses come to me deeply emotional due to the positive changes in their lives. Nothing is more rewarding than to see a client regain the ability to travel to see family for the first time in decades, sleep through the night and feel completely rested, stop spending money on feminine products or medications that were not solving their problems, and no longer have to schedule doctor appointment after doctor appointment.

What I’d like to convey to you is that your experience with incontinence, pain and stress doesn’t have to be something you “just live with.” There are solutions that WORK that can truly lead you to relief. The courses I'm offering have helped thousands of women regain control and confidence, and I know our methods will help you too.

As your teacher and guide, I’m here for you! If you have any questions at all, please reach out to me at PFT@pelvichealthsystems.com.