Can you relate?

Laughing so hard you need a change of clothes. Mentally planning bathroom breaks. Avoiding intimacy.

Incontinence can impact every aspect of your life – your intimacy, your time with family and friends, travel, activities with friends, workouts, or even your career. Our courses will guide you to regain your self-confidence, your happiness and your quality of life, and will help you if you’ve experienced things like:

✓ Not being able to sit through an entire movie without a bathroom trip

✓ Having to stop an exercise class to run to the bathroom

✓ Avoiding sex because it’s painful

✓ Laughing so hard you needed a change of clothes

✓ Dancing on the dance floor and sweat was not what dampened your panties

✓ Picking up your child and realizing your panties are wet

✓ During your daily run, realizing what is running down your leg is not sweat

✓ Badly needing to empty your bladder, yet when you sit down your urine stream won’t begin

✓ Washing your hands and realizing you cannot get to the bathroom in time

✓ Being on a plane and feeling petrified the line for the bathroom won’t end soon enough for you

✓ Cancelling your evening out with friends at the last minute due to stained clothes right as you were walking out the door

✓ Looking in your purse and panicking because you are out of pantiliners

✓ During your Zoom meeting, mentally figuring out how you can have a restroom break

✓ Worrying you will urinate on yourself getting out of your car before walking into the office or store

✓ Sat down too long and realized once you get up you won’t have any control

These interruptions to your life don’t have to continue! MaryAnne puts your continence in your control – freeing up mental space, and time, for you to LIVE YOUR LIFE freely, without constantly worry!

Whether you’ve struggled with any of the above experiences or something similar that may have begun during your pregnancy or post pregnancy years, before or during menopause, after a surgery or some type of accident causing an injury, a long hospital stay or illness that required prolonged bed rest, any type of illness that causes chronic coughing, issues with weight, IBS or none of the above, it just appeared, PFT Pelvic Floor Training courses will teach you easy-to-implement, effective solutions to resolve incontinence.

It’s easy to get started. MaryAnne recommends beginning here. There is no fee. Just click, listen and learn. It is empowering to be able to help yourself.

"What Bladder Behavior Type are You?" Learn why you have urine leakage, urgency or bladder retention. To get better you need answers to your Why? Then you learn your “how” to get better. You have so much to gain by beginning today and you don’t lose anything by clicking the link below

Top 3 Mistakes Women Make

Women tend to put off their own issues to care for others. The problem that occurs is your quality of life diminishes. The changes happen silently and slowly overtime and women tend to rarely discuss the issues.

  • Assume common incontinence issues is a normal part of living

  • Don't know what they are experiencing is a condition that has answers and solutions

  • Don't seek help because you assume it is normal and don't know help exists

MaryAnne Will Help You

Time and time again, I've seen women simply resign themselves to the inconveniences of incontinence issues, thinking that it was an inevitable result of aging, or pregnancy. This doesn't have to be the case! You CAN remedy incontinence without invasive treatments or medication, and our courses will show you how.

  • Restart an active lifestyle… Travel, workout and go out with friends, family or partners without worry!

  • Enjoy enhanced intimacy, without stress, worry or embarassment.

  • Save hundreds of dollars on feminine products, or medication.

  • Regain your self-confidence in ALL aspects of life!

How MaryAnne's Lessons Work for YOU

We recommend taking each course in the order that is provided for best results, but the courses can be taken individually and in an order you prefer. All courses are self-paced, and offer a private, discrete setting plus opportunities for Q&A. NOTE: BLADDER issues courses are listed at the bottom of the page.

  • Our courses are fully online, providing a private, discrete setting.

  • Since our courses are self-paced, you can go as fast or as slow as you'd desire.

  • As a course purchaser, you'll have access to Q&A opportunities with MaryAnne.

Ask yourself, why are you waiting to begin? You have nothing to lose and so much to gain!

MaryAnne's methods, teach you how to implement easy but shockingly effective modifications to your current personal habits that will empower you to take control of your continence issues without medication or treatments.

Below are MaryAnne's lessons that guide you through your journey to a NEW You!

Click on each picture to learn more about each lesson. If you purchase the Bladder Issues Bundle you save $$

Awareness of the conditions that cause incontinence is very important. Hear MaryAnne discuss what every woman should know!

Have you been told about pelvic floor dysfunction (PFD) or pelvic organ prolapse (POP)? Watch, listen and learn. In this very enlightening lesson MaryAnne shares the important information all women must know about PFD and POP!

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Enjoy your results as early as just a few days and regain relief, freedom and vitality in your life.

About Pelvic Health Systems

Pelvic Health Systems has gone virtual! With all the changes due to the pandemic I have been working hard to get our PFT Pelvic Floor Training services in a format that is available for ALL women, no matter where you live. Women search daily for help and they need to know there is an on-line destination to receive answers to their questions. My services are called “PFT Pelvic Floor Training” and my strategies and methods are called the “Lyne Methodology”. My concepts have helped thousands of women remedy their incontinence. PFT Pelvic Floor Training was initially developed as a solution for women pre- and post- surgery from pelvic organ prolapse issues or surgeries and for those women who needed a solution after experiencing little or no success with other traditional treatments.

My courses were initially developed in 2012 while in partnership with Dr. Nathan Guerette, Director and CEO of the Female Pelvic Medicine Institute and a board-certified, world-renowned urogynecologist.

Meet Your Health Coach

You are NOT alone. We'll work together to help you regain control.

MaryAnne "Lyne" Snavely

Owner and Creator

MaryAnne has worked in the health, wellness and fitness industry for over 25 years and served in CEO and Director roles for large and small wellness centers and a medical practice. MaryAnne's work in the Urogynecological field as the Director of Rehabilitation at the Female Pelvic Medicine Institute helped her to continually develop the methods and strategies she is now sharing on-line to help more women.

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